Today, many organizations are investing in new processes and IT solutions in an effort to to gain an edge by transforming their business. However, just as technology develops at a rapid pace so too does the greater macro environment in which we all compete.

Companies must relentlessly adjust to new developments and imminent change, and for many it’s a struggle. How do you continue business as usual while positioning for an uncertain future? It’s analogous to servicing your car engine while you are driving it to an unknown destination!

As we move through 2014 the world is looking for signs of a solid post recession recovery, new investment and increasing corporate profits. While some companies “have vision” to lead the way, often uncontrollable business events trigger the need for change.

Today it’s all about organizational effectiveness. The private sector must negotiate the jobless recovery by increasing productivity, while also continuing to reinvent themselves to serve their volatile market segments. The public sector, which already experiences difficulty finding new sources of revenue, are managing a declining tax base. In addition to these concerns, both sectors must address a maturing of their workforces with their most experienced workers on the brink of retirement. The future is all about navigating the uncertain.

“Companies are looking for that game changing solution…to vault them to the head of the pack”

Business events often drive investments in new solutions, but for many companies IT is considered a cost centre and there are concerns regarding performance. Afraid of runaway IT costs? You should be. Too often failure to properly align business and technology results in runaway projects with unnecessary business complications and unexpected high expenses. Success relies on a delicate combination of management consulting and systems integration. Today, it takes a different type of consulting company.

We are momentumQUEST …